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The right approach is always personal

...and still...the experience amongst many - regardless candidates or that service levels amongst executive search agencies are often very disappointing:  lengthy follow-up times, late or no reply to emails, insufficient connection between a posted search and your provided name it.

The customer is king, or so it should be. And based on this simple assumption and the commitment to deliver a perfect service experience, I would love to help you find your dream position or dream candidate:

For candidates


Bringing out the best in you is what it is all about. It is important to really understand what you are passionate about and which type of assignment would truly make you happy. After all, work shouldn’t be work, it should be fun! In short, when we get to talk, let's start with getting to you better!

For companies


Corporate success finds its foundation in driven teams which display courage, knowhow and creativity. And these characteristics are exactly the kind of things we select suitable candidates upon. Positive energy and and a curious mindset of course included :)


After 20 years in corporate and consulting positions, I decided to move into executive search. Let me tell you why, I hope it inspires you to reach out!

Throughout the years I have worked in all kinds of roles: As a trainee, as a manager, as a consultant, as a director and as a business owner. Both for nationally active companies as well as multinationals and across a variety of industries. 

During these years I have been amazed to see

a. so many professionals not being recognised for their talents or even worse, having given up on themselves for financial security or lack of belief 

b. so many incompetent people in business critical positions, as a consequence of corporate politics, lack of objective judgement or over promotion.

And for these two reasons, I have decided to give you my promise: I will find you the best staff out there, or the best position out there in a company which truly matches to who you are or can be!

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